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SE Asia Packing Guide: Thick Thighs Edition

Packing for a trip, especially somewhere you've never been to before can be intimidating. I am someone that has always over packed, but I've been working on it and I've gotten better! This trip is going to be a true test to that. I packed for a 5 week trip across SE Asia, this included Thailand, Bali and Singapore. I ended up taking 7 flights (short ones) while on the trip, and my luggage could not weigh more than 35 pounds. Which is good, because I was hauling all of my stuff in my Osprey Fairpoint 55L backpack (yes it's the mens version, but it has a longer waist belt, and my shoulders are broader anyways). It has a detachable day pack, which is nice because that will took off a good amount of weight from the main bag since I had my main electronics in that pack.

After watching endless youtube videos, reading pages and pages of blogs, looking for packing tips and actually going on the trip itself, these have been some of my favorite:

Osprey Fairpoint Detachable Daypack

One of my biggest concerns while traveling to a hot place, is going to be how to keep cool. I sweat like crazy in the heat, and another big issue is chub rub, or chafing! After doing a lot of online research I have come up with a couple great solutions for my fellow fluffy folks out there. ( I just want to clarify, everything I'm listing on this page is stuff I have bought and used myself, or been told about by friends. I'm not getting paid to promote any of these things. I just want everyone to have a good packing list!)

Solution #3 - UnderSummers I have not worn these yet, but many people have told me about them. They come in 3 different lengths with different styles. You don't have to use just this brand, but they're essentially slip shorts, or biker shorts. Stay away from cotton folks! Cotton will stay wet forever.. You want something synthetic, with moisture wicking technology preferably.

For my 5 weeks, I went to a lot of temples on my trip. To enter a temple, your shoulders and knees must be covered. My first thoughts were "How do I do that without melting like a popsicle on a hot day?" The solution, find dresses with quarter length sleeves, made of light material that cover my knees. Since I'm was only going to carry 33 pounds with me, I figured I could only bring 3-4 dresses. Lets be real, plus size clothes take up more space, and more weight.

I had quite a few dresses, but none that match those perimeters and I figured I needed at least one that matches those guidelines. As I was browsing online for a swimsuit, I found a great dress on and found this adorable dress that I knew would be a great pop of color, and it was only $20!


Travel Fan - Travel & Leisure did a great article breaking down the best travel fans of 2022. Between hot train stations, sunny temples, and heat beating down from the tall buildings. Having one of these was such a relief. Choose from battery operated, manual, or USB charged!


One of my top enemies while traveling in warm weather?

Three Words: Under Boob Sweat

Lets be honest though, it's not just under boob. It can be the crease below your booty on the upper thigh, that little back fat roll that likes to show up when you're sitting, or even the tummy pooch. Yeah I said it! The tummy pooch! Instead of pretending it doesn't happen, let's have a conversation about it and how we can stay comfortable and cleanly whilst sweating out our souls. Megababe has come through again with their Dust Bust & Body Dust Powder.


Speaking of TaTa's, let's chat about bra's while traveling!

Bralettes are where it is at.

You can roll them up in your suitcase, they're super light weight, easy to wash on the go, and you can say "buh-bye!" to underwire trying to stab you in the ribcage. With the wide variety of styles and sizes you don't even have to deal with the uni-boob look anymore. Below are some of my favorite plus size brands that offer bralettes great for everyday wear with any outfit.


Shoes. Shoes. Shoes.

I have wide feet, and a lot of my fellow plus size humans do as well. Finding good pairs of shoes that are both comfortable, stylish and fit wide feet comfortably can sometimes feel like an impossible task. For traveling in SE Asia, I knew I was going to be walking a lot and spending a lot of time at beaches as well. Because of this, I knew I needed a good pair of sandals. I highly recommend Chaco's or Teva Sandals. Both have great thick soles that will mold to your foot over time, non slip treads, and fully adjustable straps to custom fit them to you. I have had my Chaco's since 2017, and they have been with me to several countries and been in countless rivers, lakes, oceans, and walked down miles of city streets. Not to mention, these brands offer great repair programs on their shoes to prevent fashion waste in our landfills. Making a positive impact on the environment! I can easily clip these sandals onto the outside of my backpack for easy access and to save space while traveling. For some more wide foot shoe options for other occasions, BYRDIE did a wonderful article! Check it out here.

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