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Long Haul Flight Survival Guide

Jet-lagged, skin begging for moisture and hungry for a real meal- that's how I usually feel after a long haul flight. Let's avoid doing that with some #TravelHacks I've learned!

When you're sitting on a plane for 7+ hours in recycled air It takes a toll on your body physically. Your skin dries out, and you're mostly sitting in one position the whole time. To keep myself feeling fresh and less like a zombie when it's over, I've decided to start bringing a sheet face mask with me.

Sephora sells these for only $6! They come in a variety of options to best match your skin type + what results you're looking for. My favorite is the Lychee - moisturizing and glow.

Another hack I've learned is that taking a lip balm on the plane is a must. It'll keep your lips moisturized and avoid drying out on the way there. Another important thing I do, is make sure the week before my flight I pay extra attention to how much water I'm drinking. It's best to be hydrated in general, but it really plays a factor on how your body reacts to flying.

Bring some toiletries.

Lush brand toothpaste tablets in a bottle.

After sitting with your legs together for hours on end, eating plane food, and taking naps, it's best to have some travel toiletries with you. For the ladies, I always have feminine wipes or a small panty liner to put inside the underwear to keep them fresh. Another option is to bring an extra pair with you! A small toothbrush/tooth paste is usually provided on long flights. However lush sells great mouth wash and toothpaste tablets that are great for traveling with. Spoiler alert.. you don't even NEED a toothbrush to use them!

Entertain me!

Really, the proper entertainment will get you through it.

Amazon kindle displayed front and back.

While I love downloading 3 seasons of my favorite Netflix series to binge watch, sometimes we need to think outside the box.. or in a rectangle. Bringing items such as a Kindle with is this great for your flight, but you can have access to hundred of thousands of books on your entire trip with just one click. I also like to bring a word search, or adult coloring book along.

Get Cozy.

When you're at home relaxing, chances are you're not dressed in fancy restricting clothing while lounging on the couch, right? Then don't do that on a long plane ride either. Dress in layers; you can always add a sweater or blanket to you if you're chilly on the plane ride. However, if you're wearing a wool sweater with just a bra under it, you're out of luck. Keep in mind the destination you're heading to.

Don't want your ankles to swell up like floatation devices? Compression socks are one of my go-to fixed and these will help significantly. You can pick up a pair online and they're not going to break the bank.

Snacks = Sanity.

The novelty of airplane food is fun, but it's normally not that great unless you're flying business or first class. I like to take advantage of sleuthing around the airport before my flight and bring some snacks with me. I've found that while traveling in planes, your taste buds can get a little wacky. Don't forget that you're welcome to bring food on the plane that you got at the airport. Be mindful though.. Try to stay away from foods that can have really strong odors that could upset people around you. The air is recycled after all.

Movement is key.

I know it's tempting to just lay/sit in your seat staring out the window for eternity, but let's not do that. We need some movement- stand up every hour or two and walk around by checking out the plane, walking up and down all the isles. Maybe even make some small talk with a friendly flight attendant or neighbor? Do some light stretches, you may feel like an odd ball by doing this.. But when the flight is over, you'll feel less fatigued. I like to set a timer to get up and move every once in a while, it can make time feel like it's going by faster.

Set yourself up for success with a good seat.

You might be wondering, What separates a 'good' seat from a 'bad' seat. A 'bad' seat would be considered somewhere that your seat doesn't full recline, the middle of the center row, or somewhere by the bathrooms. A website I use to find the most desirable seats is They rate seats from flyers actual experiences on the plane. They also have nearly every airline(s) airplane seating chart layouts. It helped me when I booked my long haul flight to SE Asia from Los Angeles; its a 2 level airbus and on the booking website there wasn't an option to look at what seats were available on the second floor (which is way more desirable). I looked on seat guru and found some seats I wanted, called the airline, and they were available for only $15 USD more! What a score.

What are some of your long haul flight survival tips?

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