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Thailand, Bali & Singapore, Oh My!

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

It is now 10 days away until I leave the mountains of Alaska to fly down the western United States to Los Angeles California. After spending a few days with family I will be heading out alone across the Pacific Ocean, on my biggest adventure yet! I am going to be spending 5 weeks exploring Thailand, Bali, and Singapore; two of those weeks will be my first time solo.

Nervous isn't the right word, I'm more anxious, itching to get there. This will be my second time across the pacific, the first was when I went to the Philippines in January of 2017. It was such an amazing and eye opening experience. I had the honor of living in my friends family home in Iloilo city during our 3 week trip. Her foster parents were from there, so we got to spend time with all of her extended family and experience the city from the local perspective for the most part.

Oh how I've longed to cross that big ocean again, I seriously am pinching myself that I have the pleasure to spend 5 weeks traveling in these places!

Call me crazy, but going to all of these places means I'm taking a total of count them.. 7 flights! Now these flights are mostly under 2 hours long, but oh man am I about to get very familiar with Bangkok International airport haha. This is probably just me day dreaming..But hey, maybe I will get an upgrade on one of my flights since I booked them all with the same airline? Fingers crossed!

Now enough riff Raf, let's talk about my itinerary! When deciding where exactly I was going to go, it was a bit overwhelming. Because really..I wish I could just spend months here exploring everywhere, but in reality, that's not in the cards (at the moment..). So I thought, "alright Alexis, close your eyes, imagine your vacation, what do you see?" Ah that was easy.. I see, Me, eating endless amounts of street food woo!!! Okay really though, I also see myself relaxing on the beach reading a book and sleeping in (between snorkeling and learning how to dive). I also see, exploring the rich deep history and culture by visiting temples and ruins. Wild life, I want to explore the land and seas, experiencing the vivid wild life around.. I am a major animal nerd. Overall I wanted a balance of "extended" stays, and seeing a lot of different places.

So where did I decide on? Well here it is!


Bangkok, Thailand 4 nights

Krabi/Ao Nang, Thailand 2 nights

Koh Lanta, Thailand 2 nights

Phuket/Karon Beach Thailand 5 nights

- - -


Chiang Mai, Thailand 7 nights

Koh Phangan, Thailand 3 nights

Seminyak Bali, Indonesia 3 nights

Ubud Bali, Indonesia 3 nights

Singapore 2 nights

Bangkok 2 nights

I am very excited about my trip, and can't believe it's coming up so soon. Bellow you'll find links to some of the websites I used to help plan my adventure. I am going to be making another post soon about my packing methods, what I'm bringing, and what kind of a pack I'm taking! (This site lets you enter your entire trip itinerary and share a private link with your travel buddies so they can see/edit your itinerary also!) (great place I used to help find deals on hotels in Asia) (I used this to get an incredible discount on a resort on Koh Lanta!) (This has been helping me narrow down great tours/activities!)

Cheers everyone.

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