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I Love You. By You, I mean Me.

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Valentines Day, this is a day of mixed feelings for people all over. The over all message from valentines day is supposed to be about love, love for each other. But, what about the love for ourselves? People are expected to show their love for the different people in their lives on this day, be it friends, spouses/partners, children, coworkers, etc. Left out so often is ourselves. When is the last time you had a day dedicated to yourself? I'm not talking about your birthday. I mean, just a day where it's all about you, because you love yourself.

I have "treat myself" days, but never really an entire day where I show myself true self love. I can always find something to pick at myself about, and when V-day is near it almost always gets worse. While I feel like so many people around me are buzzing with valentines excitement, plotting their ways to show their love for one another. I find myself not doing anything.

This year I decided to change that, and treat the most important person in my life, with some love. I'm going to sleep in, make myself a healthy delicious breakfast, take a walk in the sunshine and snow, then Netflix and chill by myself.

To kick this all off, I wrote a love poem. To myself. I took the things I can pick at and call flaws, and I made them beautiful. Because they are beautiful, I am beautiful, YOU are beautiful. I put a photo in here that I didn't want to share with anyone because I found it "unflattering" but it's raw. It's real. I'm so happy and laughing in this photo. So I had to throw my self conscious thoughts out the window.

Try to take a moment, look at yourself in the mirror, and write yourself a poem. A poem about loving yourself. Keep it, burn it, do what you wish! I would love to read it! Here is mine.

I love you.

With your hazy green eyes,

Not green with envy, but evergreen- like the ferns that flow across the forest floor.

I love your tousled locks of honey brown hair, that has a rusty red glow under the sunlight..

Placed on top of your head like a crown, or laying lazily sprawled across your sweet shoulders.

I love the everlasting rosy blush that creeps along your cheeks, delicate freckles dancing across your pale skin.

I love when your laughter fills the air, soft wrinkles from all of the smiles we have shared over the years ever so lightly appear.

I love the way your full arms can propel you through the ocean, under the bright blue waters gliding with the current, A mermaid, ethereal in your own right.I love the how those strong thick legs push you down trails and across mountain sides,

I love you.

By you, I mean me.

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