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Blogging from a hammock.

Hey everyone!  We are on day two of my journey from SoCal to Alaska and boy do I have a lot to catch you all up on!

Let's start with yesterday.

We left Long Beach, California at 12pm.  We got a much later start than we wanted, but it was not the end of the world.  We went through 4 states in one day! Crazy right?

When we arrived to Zion and started setting up our tent at 8pm.  We arrived just in time for sunset that was at 8:30pm.  It was our first time setting up our new "60 second set up" tent; and at first it went so well! Until we realized we put the rain fly on upside down and that's why it wasn't fitting haha.. to add to the fun, when we bought our pump for the queen size blow up mattress we decided on a plug in one.      Let's just say we ended up using the outlet in the ladies restroom to blow it up haha.

So finally at 9:20pm we head out for dinner; in our rush to get there we didn't stop to eat.. so we snacked on our new addiction; kettle corn! We blame Sam's Club for our new infatuation.

  For dinner we went to this place called Pizza & Noodle.  I got a BBQ Chicken pizza and garlic bread with mozzarella, and amber got a penne pasta with meat sauce.  The garlic bread gave me liiiiife! Ugh it was so good.  It was shapped like a mini pizza and was fluffy like a little cloud with melty garlic mozerella on top. 

 The pizza was okay, if it wasn't drowned in fresh cilantro it would've tasted more like BBQ Chicken pizza, and less like guacamole minus the avocado. Anyways, not to dwell on things haha. Amber was curious as to what the meat was in the meat sauce, we decided upon beef and hoped for the best.

  We got back to camp around 11pm and chatted with our neighbors for a bit.  They were hilarious, and offered us tequila right off the bat haha; it was a group of 5 retired men that were riding motorcycles across the states on a fun trip together.

  Amber and I went to lay down shortly after, oh man do I have a fun story.  She was using my sleeping bag because she totally gets way colder than I do, and she hasn't used one in forever.  She was trying to get comfy and rolled over, INSIDE her sleeping bag.  So she was face down inside it, with the opening behind her head and was flopping around like a little sea lion.  We busted out laughing non stop until it hurt for like 15 minutes straight.  

Finally we got to sleep.  Me being optimistic, I set my alarm for 6:15am.  I ended up finally rolling out of bed at 6:40 after the run had just risen upon the canyon cliffs.

We packed up camp and left at 10am.  Headed for our current destination, Idaho Falls! We stopped in Hurricane Utah for breakfast.  Yelp guided us to the River Rock Roasting Co. for our meal.  It's a quaint building that hits you with the smell of fresh pastries and coffee as soon as you open the door.  My goodness I was so excited to eat here!  Fresh baked goods lined the shelves in their case, and they had hand written chalk boards all over the place behind the counter that acted as funky menus!  The barista behind the counter was working on a latte, and he was making a smiley face latte art! So cool!

  I ordered a chicken bacon and avocado panini, and Amber got a ham egg and cheddar breakfast croissant.  After ordering I walked outside to their patio, and my jaw nearly dropped.  The back of the restaurant is on a stunning cliff overlooking the virgin river.  The patio was more than it seemed too, there was a lower portion! Amber and I sat at this cute little table as we waited for our food. My panini was so good! The sourdough bread was fresh fluffy and soft, and perfectly toasted.   Ambers croissiont was also surprisingly toasted, so the flakey warm bits of croissant melted in your mouth with the gooey cheese and ham inside.

 We then were back on the road to Idaho Falls! We were back on the freeway at 12:30pm, and arrived in town at 7 on the dot.  Our little Campground and RV park is so adorable, and right on the snake river which feeds the famous Idaho Falls! At the recommendation of one of the employees, we ate a local joint called Jakers Bar & Grill.  It is a steakhouse, with a great variety of food.  We experienced exceptional customer service at the restaurant, had some of the best bread rolls over and our food was amazing. I ordered a 12 ounce prime rib steak with their famous Idaho baked potato. Amber ordered some guys burger and a side of fresh waffle fries.  I cannot put into words how good this place was our server krissee was exceptionally nice and welcoming.

Xoxo Alexis :) 

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